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With a decade of experience in manufacturing, design and logistics, Kentucky Home manages the entire life-cycle of product  creation to launch and scale ecommerce focused brands.   

About KHB

Kentucky Home is was founded in 2013 with the launch of a single product on Amazon.  Seven years later Kentucky Home now owns five physical product brands, representing more than 800 SKUs, with complete contract manufacturing and order fulfilment operations to support our growing brands.  

We are located in the heartland of Kentucky – in the city of Leitchfield – we are proud to create local jobs to support our rural community as we grow.

Our Services

Kentucky Home is vertically integrated – meaning that for our company owned brands we do our own product design, manufacturing and order fulfilment.  Owning the entire product lifecycle enables us to respond quickly to customer demand, control quality and excel at the customer experience.

Available for you

We offer our manufacturing and fulfilment services as a for-hire service to brands that want to leverage our capabilities in order to quickly launch and scale a product or brand.

Our Brands

Founded in 2013, we now own five physical product brands, representing more than 800 SKUs.  As we expand our manufacturing and fulfilment services we expect our brand count to grow aggressively over the next several years.

Partnership Process

Are you an influencer with a massive audience, but no physical products?  Are you exceptional at paid media marketing, but are tired of growing someone else’s brand and vision?

While Kentucky Home often owns the brands we create 100%, we also seek to equity partnerships with subject matter influencers who want to bring their product visions to life – helping them build a deeper connection with their audience.  


Jim Winn: Co-Founder
Carla Winn: Co-Founder
David Vo: COO
Andee Middleton: MFG Manager
Kiersten Lucas: 3PL Manager
James Hazelwood: MFB Ops

Contact Us

  • 1-(888) 323-4580

KHB 3PL is a e-commerce fulfillment company that helps you get out of your basement, saving you time and money from the things that matter least.

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About BeeWild

Bee Wild was created as a joint venture with a national leader in Facebook paid media – the goal being to combine our strength as one of the largest American manufactures of beeswax food wraps with their strength in running highly targeted ads on Facebook.

If you are an influencer, have a large audience, or are highly skilled at Facebook ads and would like to explore a joint venture partnership to launch a new brand/product line please contact us via the link below:


About Byrd Tool Experts

In creating Byrd Tool Experts, our goal was to bring the quality and craftsmanship of the Byrd Family that was so well know locally, to a worldwide audience online.  We have a dedicated local team to provide our customers with support, training, tutorial videos and the best customer service for every order.

Growing up in the small town of Leitchfield it was hard not to know the legacy of the Byrd family. We grew up going to the same schools, grocery stores, and local events.

The Byrd Tool Company was always a well known business in our small town, but most people didn’t realize the gem hidden behind the simple factory exterior. Created with genius mathematics that most can’t comprehend and a passion for their work they created a tool that was second to none. The Byrd Tool Shelix Cutterhead.

We have grown to love their family personally and this has made us appreciate their quality of craftsmanship and ingenuity on an entirely new level. Family roots run deep in the Byrd Tool business and it is with great honor that we sell their excellent products.