LED Wine Bottle Cork Light
LED Wine Bottle Cork LightLED Wine Bottle Cork LightLED Wine Bottle Cork LightLED Wine Bottle Cork LightLED Wine Bottle Cork Light

3 PACK: Rechargeable Wine Bottle Light Cork



  • Beautifully simple wine bottle cork with rechargeable LED light creates elegant table top lighting with wine bottle lights
  • Bright LED light – Each lighted wine bottle cork comes with a single bright white LED to create a wine bottle lamp
  • Fast Charge – Charges via any USB output or charger – The lighted wine bottle cork recharges via USD hidden inside the cork. Simply connect via USB port and charge for one hour to completely charge
  • Long Lasting – Running time is up to 3 hours on complete charge – Create unique atmosphere by decorating with wine bottles with lights
  • Simple – Lighted Wine Bottles with LED wine bottle cork turn on with by twisting cork bottom to off /on position


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Product Description

This simple little LED light is shaped like a cork, to give new life to your empty wine bottles! Powered by an rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you simply twist the cork to the On position and place in the mouth of any standard wine bottle to create beautiful wine bottle lights.

Shaped like a wine bottle cork, to recharge your wine bottle light simply pull off the cork material to find the USB connection. Plug into any USD dock and charge for 1 hour to give your wine bottle light a complete charge. A fully charged cork light should shine brightly for 2 to 3 hours.

Nothing creates a beautiful ambience like wine bottles with lights. Wine bottle lights are now fast, easy and beautiful with a handful of cork lights and few empty bottles.

*Made from natural cork and translucent ABS plastic

*Equipped with a super-bright LED light

*Internal polymer lithium ion battery

*Recharges via USB located beneath cork

*Recharges in one hour to provide 2½ hours of light

*USB port located beneath cork

*Fits a standard wine bottle


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